Qualifers, Placings & Balloting

Qualifiers   – you must enter 2 qualifiers  to be eligible for the final –  TOP 2 SCORES WILL BE TAKEN TOWARDS THE LEAGUE FINAL if you have competed in more than 2 qualifiers you will have a discount score !

  • Scores are awarded to each horse during the qualifiers – placings will then be awarded points 10,9,8,7, 6,5,4,3,2,1 for 1st to 10th place with the top 2 scores being judged for the overall final day
  • The Minimum  TWO Qualifer marks  will create the total points for each horse entering the final
  •  If you compete in more qualifers you can discard your lowest scoreS
  • Points and a half will apply for the final  so your Top 2 scores along with the final day score will give an overall total – should there be a tie then the horse & rider that is highest placed at the final will be deemed the winner or gain the higher place for the league.                                                     .
  • Same horse & rider combinations only will be judged ( Exceptions only in extreme circumstances of change of rider – to be deemed and approved by judges prior to participation).
  • Entries will be sent by post ( entries close Friday Prior to date) or on online through the website www.steppingstonestosuccess.ie  ( entries close 12 noon monday prior) and payments posted to arrive before 12 noon the monday prior as outlined or can be arranged by bank transfer ( details on the entry form)
  • All entries will be on a first come first served basis for qualifiers( based on the arrival of entry forms within the closing dates)and  without restriction on the amount of horses you can enter . WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ENTER AT LEAST 2 QUALIFIERS INITIALLY TO ENSURE ELIGIBILITY FOR THE FINAL IN CASE YOU ARE TOO LATE TO GET A PLACE.
  • All entries must be accompanied by full payments for those classes.



  • To Be eligible for Participation in the final and Prize fund of the overall league you must participate in 2 qualifiers  and the final
  • All will be expected to enter on line as previously by a deadline




This will be held on Wed 20th april 2022   – CHILDERIC SADDLES  will kindly sponsor this day to offer Video footage of all the horses competing on the day and it will be available to view on www.irishsport.tv  for perspective buyers to view before the final THE FOLLOWING WEEK

The final will also have video footage of all rounds


YOUNG RIDER BURSARY – Jessica Harrington Trophy

We will offer a bursary for 2022 to the best placed young rider in the final of the stepping stones Under 21 yrs of age
Details to be announced