Rules of Participation.

Please read through our competition rules & conditions

Rules & Conditions

It is the responsibility of all Competitors to familiarize & comply with all the printed rules in the schedule.
Non compliance will result in elimination

Tack as per BE Rules for Novice Dressage. For copy, check
Main items outlined below
if unsure please ask prior to competition to avoid elimination


  • No Martingale – Breastplate is allowed
  • Spurs as per eventing Rules
  • Snaffle Bridle as per rules above
  • Nosebands –  Only  Cavesson, Drop, Grackle & Mexican Flash  Noseband  permitted
  • All purpose, dressage or Jumping saddle is permitted
  • No Dressage whips are permitted in the dressage arena however may be used for warm up
  • No devices are permitted to be ridden in on the grounds prior to competition


  • NO PREFORMANCE ENHANCING BOOTS PERMITTED – you may be asked to obliged to judges checks
  • Non Preformance enhancing boots permitted for front and back
  • Whip  (jumping length 75 cm max
  • Spurs as permitted on EI rules
  • Martingale is permitted 


DRESS: As for EI/ FEI  – –  approved hat and harness to be worn for ALL sections. JUMPING SECTION –   Back protector must be worn for Jumping phase / cross country dress as per rules  . Riding /hacking jacket ( FOR FLAT WORK SECTION ), white or beige breeches, shirt, tie/stock and full riding boots or chaps black or brown.

  • Code of Conduct – As per eventing Rule book 2003 – see website
  • Prohibited substances – It is forbidden for any horse or rider to participate in any competition whilst under the influence of any drug , stimulant, sedative or any other substance included on IOC, OCI, ISC OR HSI LISTS OF PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES.
  • Veterinary treatment/ inspection – any horse that requires veterinary treatment during competition must be reported to judges to allow a decision to be made if participation can continue for that competition or indeed if it is deemed necessary judges may request a veterinary inspection during competition.
  • Lunging – Is Permitted in designated areas – see reception for these areas – SIDE REINS are Permitted for lunging but used correctly fitted.
  • Start times of qualifiers will be informed by 12noon the day before the qualifier.
  • Entries must be in by 6pm  the  Friday  before the qualifier date & payments made by 12 noon the Monday prior to the qualifier.
  • Finals entry and start times may be requested sooner and will be updated on the website.
  • Withdrawals and refunds for Entries –  refunds will not be given after deadline entry times above for any reason ( substitutions of horse may be considered if a vet cert is given for the previous entry).
  • Schooling is not permitted on the competition day or on the course set prior to the competition.