Stepping Stones To Success 


What is – The “Stepping Stones to Success” TRAINING League?

It is a Young horse training  league for 4&5 yr old horses , that offers a platform for owners, trainers, Breeders and riders of horses to produce, present and train in the correct way , any horse with the potential to become a world class 3 day event horse. This league offers the opportunity to prepare the young horse to take part in eventing Ireland classes for the season and indeed any other related competition in the future. The Aim of “Stepping stones to Success league.

The Aim is to identify an athletic, loose moving horse with a promising jumping technique without over production of the animal, that will develop into a 3 day event horse for the future.

We will judge / Asses  the horse not the rider in this process! 
This competition is open to ALL BREEDS & passports. 



Thoroughbred to Competition Horse class  

As well as the 4 & 5 yr old eventing class , Wexford Equestrian owners Pat & Orla Peare have introduced a “ Thoroughbred  to Competition” horse class. The confirmed name of the class to be decided but the outline of this class is that it will offer any TB horse the opportunity to compete in a class similar to the existing 4&5 yr old classes. The format will include an INTRO Eventing Ireland dressage test followed by the 5 yr old jumping course that will be judged in both arenas only BASED ON CLEAR ROUNDS / FAULTS –  it will not be judged on Confirmation either as the young event horse class is.  . “ We feel there is a lack opportunities for TB horses , especially those retiring from racing for whatever reason , to return to competition.” “We wanted to offer something for owners, riders and trainers to aim these horses for giving them an opportunity to judge whether maybe an eventing career  could be a future for some of the animals” owners pat & orla explain.

1, The class will not have an age restriction

2, Open to TB horses that have NOT  already competed in

A Affiliated dressage shows ,B-  Eventing or show jumping  Affiliated in previous year to the competition   ( but may be registered for the year they compete in the stepping stones league Prior to competition  Sept Previous  –  April of the competition in order to gain experience ) .

3. They may have competed for a year prior unaffiliated – Jan – Sept year prior )  Bearing in mind that most of the horses availing of this will have had a racing career until recently , the judging will take into consideration that they most likely are being retrained particularly in their flatwork , and judge accordingly.

The Highest Placed TB that has Raced in a Point to Point/ Track  will also receive a  bonus prize from IHWT at the final . This league only presents prizes at the final in cash prize fund. From 2019 the 1st placed Tb or second placed TB  from previous years will not be eligible to compete even if they should meet the criteria above. Other placed horses may compete only if they meet the criteria above  

A  Generous Prize fund has Been Sponsored by TREO EILE for the final  

Those with 4 & 5 yr old TB horses of course can choose now either to compete in the regular classes or the TB exclusive class !!

Event Pony CLass
2022 rules  ***** 4-6 yr old ponies only 
see criteria section for more info – open to 4-6yr old ponies  – DO NOT NEED TO HAVE BREEDING RECORDED however must have a valid measurement before the final to compete for prize fund of €1,000 in Vouchers sponsored by EQUIJUMP LTD 


Ponies can be ridden by appropriate adults please see rules page for full info.

Upcoming Dates for 2022

We cant wait to welcome you back to Wexford Ec. We sincerely thank all our sponsors for standing behind us and making this happen!!!

Dates 2022 


We are delighted to Announce that we have scheduled  dates for 2022  thanks to our loyal sponsors support. 

Obviously all plans are currently to run on the dates below however should any of the government guidelines change we will adhere in every way so therefore all dates are subject to change. We do however feel that riders, owners and producers need a goal to work towards and we hope that this at least we can offer. Please ensure to monitor our social media for all updates – ENTRIES will not be taken until the week prior so please be patient.

We have comprehensive protocols to run the event under that have been approved by Governing bodies in relation to health and safety of all attending. Although there will be changes to the way we will have to run some aspects of the event , the rules , regulations and format will be the same as before.

WEDNESDAY 30th March 2022

WEDNESDAY 6th April 2022


WED 20TH APRIL Childeric Viewing day videos & Photos


Video of all rounds at the final sponsored by Childeric,


Start List / Results Final Day

Overall League Results

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5 yr old league

Ponies league

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