Dates & 

Criteria for Horse & Rider

Requirements for Horse & rider to compete in this league









All dates based on Covid Protocols at the time and may be subject to change

Entries will open at 8pm the evening of each qualifer for the following week and close at 8pm friday prior 


Entries for the first qualifier on 30th march will open 8pm wed 23rd March on line and close 8pm friday – THERE ARE LIMITED PLACES FOR COMPEITION ENTRIES EACH WEEK SO PLEASE ENTER EARLY TO SECURE A PLACE 

The criteria of the horse & rider to PARTICIPATE  in this League

Young event horse 4&5 yr old class criteria  2022*****

Breeding: All horses registered with  Sire & Dam recorded ( this is all that is required) – must have passports for inspection at all qualifiers and finals and checks will be done for microchips to match passports.

Age: 4 yr old  & 5 Yr old  – classes for both ages   (Matron system applies to mares – they may have had a foal and compete up to age 6 )
Height: Over 14.2hh or 148cm without shoes ( or measured out as per passport)

Thoroughbred Club Class 2022   – *****UPDATED INFORMATION  for 2022 **** SPONSORED BY TREO EILE  

The  Thoroughbred class will also run as before  in 2022  offering  a platform for those wishing to offer a TB an option to change career ! Criteria include that the horse can be any age to compete and DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE RACED . Also one year or less of unaffiliated eventing or show jumping is permitted on the record however any amount of Showing.( Jan previous year until april of the year of competition)  An affiliated eventing record / Dressage record or SJI record is NOT  permitted How ever an affilated record from Sept of the year prior up until the competition is permitted to allow the re training process prior to the event )  some experience before competing at the league if desired)   – the 4&5 yr old event classes are open to TB ( that may not have raced or be named) and within this class the TB  will also offer a prize to the best placed RACED TB EITHER POINT TO POINT OR AT THE TRACK   at the final . bonus raced prize  will be sponsored by IHWT for the best placed RACED tb at the final . Jessica Harrington a keen supporter and judge will also be on hand during the league to judge and is keen to spot the YOUNG RIDER talent on offer as also offers the superb Young rider trophy to the leading under 21 yr old rider as well as the JP Sheffield Training week in his yard in the UK.

2022 INFO ***************

 The format for the TB  Class  will include an INTRO eventing test followed  by 5 yr old jumping course ( with show jumped lowered to 80cm , that will be judged in both arenas giving only clear round scores or penalties as approprate the same as a normal event  –  There  is a lack opportunities for TB horses , especially those retiring from racing for whatever reason , to return to competition.” “We wanted to offer something for owners, riders and trainers to aim these horses for giving them an opportunity to judge whether maybe an eventing career  could be a future for some of the animals” owners Pat & Orla explain. “ Bearing in mind that most of the horses availing of this will have had a racing career until recently , the judging will take into consideration that they most likely are being retrained particularly in their flatwork , and judge accordingly”

A  Generous Prize fund of €1500  will be added for this section alone making it appealing for all !  Those with 4 & 5 yr old TB horses of course can choose now either to compete in the regular classes or the TB exclusive class !! and a €250 bonus offered by IHWT to make a total of  for this league ( all prize fund is at the final )

***EVENT PONY CLASS *** 2022  – open to 4-6yr old ponies only see competition criteria below 


Event Pony Class  IS Sponsored  by EQUIJUMP LTD   and   will offer €1000 prize fund in vouchers  for this new exciting class . It is Open to 4 – 6 yr old 138 – 148 ponies  that are deemed suitable for eventing . This class is not unlike the horse classes to offer owners, riders and buyers a platform to produce and train in the correct manner a young pony that may be suitable to go eventing. They will compete as follows

·         Ride the 4 yr old test for the stepping stones league

·         Compete at the 4 yr old height for jumping approx 80cm/ xc track  

·         Rider can be any age however suitable to ride the height pony ( under 16 require a trainers letter of competence or macky bar training level 1 completed

·         No more than 1 competition year affiliated previous years to competition on their record in any discipline and 2 years unaffiliated competition in any discipline

·         Classes will be accommodated later in the day for those attending school who are riding BUT this can not be guaranteed so please note at time of entering

·           All classes will follow the same format & points system as the horse classes and will include video footage on viewing days and final Dates for 2022

The ponies DO NOT REQUIRE Breeding recorded for this year but do require a valid measurement at 148cm or under to compete by the final for prize fund      – if measuring is possible

1-3RD LEAGUE PLACED  WINNERS FROM PREVIOUS YEARS MAY NOT COMPETE  IN THE PONY LEAGUE (even if they satisfy the age criteria)                   

Age of Riders: All riders age 16 yrs or over – no affiliations required for riders to compete (However under 16 riders must  provide a letter of competency signed by an approved riding instructor or EI/HSI Trainer before being allowed to compete )  No Affiliations with any equestrian society is required – This is a stand alone competition.


Delighted to announce that there will a Young Rider award for 2022 . This award will be perpetual award that renowned race horse Trainer Jessica Harrington will sponsor. As a very successful Trainer and horse woman , as well as being passionate about promoting the young rider in the equestrian world ,We are delighted to have Jessica as part of the Stepping stones league for 2021 More details of this will be published soon with criteria. It will  be open to  23yr old under riders that compete in the league and will be Judged based on the rider ability, talent and over all horsemanship . This award will be presented at the final to the chosen rider who must be present to receive it. each week riders are judged by judges in both arena during their competition and given marks for postition & balance, natural talent and overall impression and a final choice will be made between the judges at the final based on the proceeding weeks and the final. this result is announced at the final however feedback can be given each week to those riders whom wish to receive it  and improve in areas outlined as needed. THIS PRIZE IS ONLY OFFERED TO A RIDER ONCE AND RETURNING RIDERS ARE INELIGIBLE